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Courier is a web application built for and by writers with the goal to connect storytellers through a tool that is secure, intuitive, and free.

The Pitch


 Our end goal is to produce a professional grade document editor able to process industry leading file formats on a web-based, collaborative workspace for dynamic version and draft control.

 Like a GitHub for storytellers, you won't ever have to worry about clunky email attachments, suspicious flash drives, or tracking down each and every change to your novel, screen, or stageplay when you're connected with Courier.

 Use Courier for writers groups, writers rooms, writing classes or writing... anything!

 Privacy and propriety is key in any creative industry, so our goal is to keep your data and intelectual property 100% safe. That said, Courier is currently in Alpha and SHOULD NOT BE USED AS A SECURE STORAGE SOLUTION FOR YOUR COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS

... yet.


 Sign up for free and write your story directly from the web text editor or import a variety of formatted documents including pdf, docx, fdx, and anything else locked behind a de-facto paywall.


 Join or create a group to securely share and edit documents. Leave notes, suggest revisions, and track changes line by line to always know what draft you're on.


 Go public to explore and contribute to an ecosystem of ideas, advice, outlines, stunt choreo, car chases, period pieces, action-thrillers, sci-fi universes, and anything else you can imagine.

Current Functionality

Sign Up

 Create an account by clicking "sign up" in the header. Encrypted passwords and session persistence will allow you to explore the site.

Make a Group

 Name your group and add existing users to it. Currently, only group members can access the individual group pages and their associated posts

Share a Post

 Use our WYSIWYG editor to write and format your manuscript and post it to a group you're a member of. You can also leave your comments for the rest of the group to see and reply to.

How You Can Help

If you...

  • like the site...
  • want more control over your creative ideas...
  • want a better collaborative solution for your writers room...
  • hate paying up to $250 up-front (and $100 for each new version upgrade) for the "industry standard" programs...
share the site with your colleagues and friends or get in contact with the creators through our GitHub links below.


Sign Up and Test it Out

If you find any bugs or security flaws, please create an issue in the GitHub or email

the site administrator at josephjameshansen@gmail.com